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No honour in killing! Join us tomorrow!

No mercy in honour killings - let women unite to stand up for their rights


Join us tomorrow so that you can hear from activitst Nina Aouilk, when she talks about surviving an honour killing attempt, perservering to see justice and thriving as a woman entrepreneur. It’s true that many of us know of honour killings in Pakista and honour killings in India but we don’t often hear about the many instances which happen in the rest of the world, including the UK and the US.

After hearing Nina talk about honour killings, her survical and relating women’s rights, you can decide for yourself how much of her story resonate for you:

? Unbreakable: Did not let her situation bring her down
? Unstoppable: Nothing can stop her from her goal 
? Unfazed:     By the hurdles, she has to jump to keep going
? Unflappable:  By threats and blockages she faces on a daily basis
? Unparalleled: Energy, passion and wealth of knowledge to make a change  
? Unapologetic: Not afraid to speak out on a topic that affects millions
? Undeterred:  She’s been there and knows how to move forward from it.

Are just some of the descriptives which Nina exudes:

Therefore, by joining us tomorrow, you have the power to change the narrative and the path of many destined to go through what many have before. Let’s change it. Let’s not stand alone or let others stand alone!

  Join the conversation and have your say  

Also streaming live on Facebook https://lnkd.in/dHhssxXB
on Thursday 28th October 12:30 BST

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