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What Has Formula One Got To Do With The Power Of Your Networks?

We can learn so much about our network power from the fastest sport on land.

To succeed and win, they train, they learn and they practise, practise, practise.  They have to know, like and trust each member of their crew, because when they race, “They Race As One”.

Dr Glenna knows that networks are like pit crews. And, like F1, your success can rise or fall depending on who is in your pit crew to back you up!

In business you don’t need Mercedes or Ferrari – you just need the reliability and precision back up of the WinTrade Global Network.

To find out how and why, join  Dr Glenna Tuesday  9th November 18:30 – Let’s Talk, “The Power Of Networks”, why and how to use your networks to increase your net-worth.

Why listen to Dr Glenna Crooks about networks?

Dr Glenna is a global expert on networks and how they impact personal, social and business performance. She worked for President Ronald Reagan, responsible for $70 billion in health programmes.

And now she is taking the time to share with the Wintrade tribe how to harness the power of networks. In this session she will explain how:

? Race Car drivers have “pit crews” to help them win. On your road of life and career, do you? Will they help you cross the finish line and win? 

? You are supported by eight different “pit crews” I call “networks.” Optimizing each one will accelerate your career success. 

When it comes to career success, the strengths and weaknesses of your other seven networks will
“show up in force.” 

? Understanding your networks will give you insights into those of your customers and help hone your marketing and sales efforts. 

You are the center of a universe of network connections. Anything that happens in any network can ripple-through to impact others because you are the “connector-in-chief.“
This promises to be a life-changing masterclass! Glenna Crooks, Ph.D., co-founder of The CogentSage Group is a strategist and innovator known for organizing chaos and solving complex problems. Her latest book describes a new way to help address work-life balance by optimizing eight different networks that support working adults. Formerly, she was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to a senior post responsible for $70 billion in health programs, was head of Merck&Co, Inc.’s policy group and global vice-president of its Vaccine Business and founder of a global strategy firm. Of many awards, she was named a Disruptive Woman to Watch. 

Do join us to hear from Glenna and ask her questions to develop your network knowledge and skills. 

Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday 9th at 18:30 GMT

Register and show up to receive your  WinTrade Global Networking Checklist, as used by Presidents!

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