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How do you raise 200 million pounds in funding for under-represented businesses? Ask Ezechi Britton tomorrow at 12:30 BST.

“The best advice I have ever received is to surround yourself with people smarter than yourself.” 

I’m sure you will agree that this is a quote that’s been passed down through generations. It is advice which should be taken advantage of by more women entrepreneurs in business at this very moment in time. This is why WinTrade Women Entrepreneur Network, hosts an invitation-only weekly event. This is so you can learn from some of today’s most successful male and female thought leaders. They share their experience and knowledge on topics relevant specifically for women in business (and men who support them).

What do women in busines need most?

Well, clearly guidance, knowledge transfer and community-based support. However, we also all know that funding is critical for startup and growth.

Often, women don’t know where to get funding. And even when they know, they are knocking on closed doors. Tomorrow, Venture Capital Funder Ezechi Britton will share how his team was able to raise 200 million pounds to support under-represented businesses. What does under-represented mean? Well, 94% of all funding goes to white men. The other 6% includes women, people of colour, diverse gender and sexual orientation and abilities. Ezechi or Ez as he is often called focuses on providing funding to that 6% or to companies which serve them.

Wintrade Global provides training to help women navigate challenges faced by all types of small businesses, just like yours! And YOU are also welcome. 

Whether you are looking to get VC funding, financial support or just to improve you knowledge, tomorrow is the day for you! If you don’t know what they look for in a business plan, if your pitch is not convincing, it will be passed over for investment and you’ll never get the chance to tell your story.  Find out tomorrow how to rectify any of these issues.

Join Dr. Yvonne Thompson CBE when she hosts Wintrade Global Talks. And meet her guest Ezechi Britton of ImpactXCapital Venture Capitalist tomorrow, Thursday 25th November, at 12:30 BST and network after with the Wintrade Global Tribe. For free!

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