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5 steps to achieve growth this year

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5 Steps To Achieve Your Growth This Year!

By Nikita Phadnavis

What is your New Year's resolution? Or are you the type that does not believe in the yearly ritual? Whether you've made an explicit resolution or not, we all desire to make a difference in our way and to be successful in what we do.

So, here is a 5-step plan to empower others, make an impact, grow and become successful in what you do.

Step 1    Believe in Yourself

WinTrade Global Grow Your Business

Have you ever hit a low point in your life? Felt a little unsure of yourself?Well, we all do. At some point or the other, we doubt our abilities. So, we step aside instead of tackling challenges head-on because of low self-confidence. But as they say, confidence is half the battle won. So how do you build confidence?

Maintain a 'Success Journal'. It can be a small file on your phone or computer, or it could be an actual journal. Jot down your successes, victories, how you've overcome challenges and made an impact and all other moments in your life where you've felt proud of yourself. And when you're having one of those blue days, look at your journal and lift yourself up.

And the next time you are facing a challenging situation, ask yourself, "How have I overcome challenges in the past, and how can I use those strategies in the future?

Step 2    Focus on the future

Being in the present and learning from the past is essential, but focusing on the future gives you direction. Where do you see yourself ten years down the line? What are the skills that you need to get there? Then, start acquiring those skills to get to where you want to be in life.

It is also essential to support your team to embark on that learning journey with you. Empower your colleagues to make your company's vision a success, enabling you to have the impact you desire to have.

Step 3    Seek out challenges, and don't be afraid to learn from your mistakes

WinTrade Global Grow Your Business

Opportunities often present themselves in the form of challenges. So, seek them out. It's okay if you don't succeed at every challenge; make sure you learn from your mistakes.

We all are born resilient. Tap into that quality of yours. Think about your childhood. When you were learning to walk or to ride a bike, you failed on the first attempt. But you got back up and tried again. Life is all about learning. So don't shy away from failure; consider it a learning opportunity.

Step 4    Know when to ask for help and be open to feedback

Knowing when and how to ask for help is a skill. A lot of people are embarrassed to ask for help. A good way to ask for help is by showing what you've done so far and where exactly you're stuck and requesting the expert to show you how to do something, rather than asking them to do it for you. For example, I approached a friend who is a web designer and said, "I tried to build a website using WordPress following tutorials on YouTube. But now, I am stuck on creating a contact form on my website. Could you please show me what to do next so that I can do it by myself?" I also explained to them why they are the best person in my view to help me.

We all need support from others to succeed in life. If you look at any Nobel laureate or Academy Award winner, they always thank their coaches and mentors in their acceptance speech. That goes to show that we all need feedback and support from others. So nurture your relationships and value your network.

Accept feedback and use it to better yourself.

Step 5     Set aside time for reflection and learning

Set aside at least a few minutes every day to consider what impact you want to have, what impact you have on people, and what is impacting you.

Self-awareness is crucial for your success, wellbeing and happiness. Many people chase certain goals in life because they think of it as the status quo. But to really understand your desires, core values, and yourself, it is essential to reflect upon things that affect you daily. When you consider what affects your emotions, you'll know what really matters to you in life and why. Your direction is more important than your speed. And to gain that clarity, we all need some time to reflect and learn.

Investing time in yourself is one of the most valuable investments you'd make.

Courtesy: James Kouzes and Barry Posner

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