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Man Of the Month – Lewis Evans

Lewis Evans

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Lewis Evans

Man of the Month – Lewis Evans

by Joel Stewart

WinTrade Global acknowledges that some men do support businesswomen and entrepreneurs and would like to highlight a few, alongside our Blog. Several are of course members of this amazing and ‘inclusive tribe’; like the artist, author, inventor, marketing & branding consultant – to name just a few accolades, of Wintrade Global’s ‘Man of The Month’ – Lewis Evans. English born, he has lived in several parts of the world, currently resides in France with his wife, Olga Sheean. 

He has led a diverse and creative life, working as he puts it, “witha beginner’s mind”; following his own career path, and finding connections between an abundance of different things on the journey. Applying his creativity to marketing communications and brand building, he sees as one half of his current activities. “The other half is art (I have exhibited and sold worldwide) and writing* (I have written three books so far)”.

Lewis sheds a little more light on his interests and background;“As a volunteer director and chairman of an NGO, I have served various communities across the globe, and I also worked with the UN on HIV/AIDS. Lastly, I have invented stuff. For instance, I invented one of the first devices to protect cellphone users from the microwaves generated by using their devices. And I invented and trained people in a very different way to trade currencies, based on ancient knowledge and the Fibonacci sequence”.

What woman or female has influenced you the most outside of your family?

“By far the biggest influence has been my wife, Olga Sheean. But you ask for people outside the family, so I would have to say Christiane Kubrick – Stanley Kubrick’s wife. At a difficult time in my life when I was beset by self-doubt and lack of direction, she opened her home to me as a place to develop my art and welcomed me into the family. It was a very special two years where I had free access to tutors, materials, methodologies and equipment, and where I was surrounded by established artists of all sorts as well as, of course, the magic of being around Stanley in his last years.”

What and how have you, (your group/company) supported Women in terms of equality, profile, and inclusion – past, currently, or intend to in the future?

“One example I can offer is the work that I did with PeaceGeeks [Who Empower Peacebuilders With Life-Changing Digital Tools] as a volunteer director for 10 years. An early project that was specific to supporting women was called Harassmap. Women were being seriously harassed in parts of Cairo. This project identified and logged incidents, creating information that would help the authorities eradicate the problem as well as helping women avoid certain areas with high incidence rates.”

My next question was perhaps a bit pointed – How should men (or you) respond to the fact that more women are taking over men’s roles? – to which Lewis responded;

“I find this a strange question for me, as I work with women regularly and don’t have a concept of ‘men’s roles’ in the world of work. I guess this is very different for many who work in traditional businesses. Unless there is some specific, non-prejudicial reason for a man to have a particular role, I don’t, in my world, see this as an issue. As far as I am concerned, if women are win out over men in certain cases, it is because they do something better than the available male workforce”. In general terms one way men can support women in the workplace Lewis suggests, “…I guess it is about the way we need to treat any interactions – with respect and leaving any chauvinist baggage out of the equation!

Who’s your favourite female artist – musician, singer, actor, writer, painter, et cetera?

“In terms of singers, right now I would mention females like Nina Simone, Amalia Rodrigues, (the Portugese ‘Queen of Fado’), Amy Winehouse, as well as some of the incredibly courageous young singers who appear now and then on AGT and BGT, and who disappear back into obscurity.

A recent writer who I admire is Jeanette Winterson, for her incredible creativity, deep research, and nuanced and intelligent writing in such books as ‘Gut Symmetries’ and the heart-wrenching ‘Why be happy when you could be normal’.

Painters I admire include Georgia O’Keefe for her sheer beauty in imagery that opened thousands of eyes to the miracles of nature, Frida Khalo for her depth, honesty and unashamed individuality and an old friend from college days, Shani Rhys James for following her dream in her own powerful way and producing endless rich, unapologetic tableaus on being female.” 

What are you currently working on or pursuing?

“I’m currently pursuing creativity in many forms – as always – dipping into the unknown, the chaos of the mind, the uncomfortable process of moving forward without the usual supports of technique and acquired knowledge etc. I am doing exercises in painting and drawing that help open up my mind to develop new paintings and, perhaps, a new book, but certainly a new course on creativity. And I am supporting my wife in her mission to bring sense, hope and intelligent fresh perspectives to lives ravaged by fear, negative programming, duplicitous authoritarian systems and digital and pharmaceutical dictatorships.”

We end on perhaps a rather polemic but serious note and I love one of his motto-’s –


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