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Doesn’t time fly? Time management in the 21st century

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By Erica Donaldson-Ellison


Doesn't time fly?

Twenty four hours is easily and quickly filled in just being involved in the essential daily living routines of sleep, work, travel, meetings, engaging with friends family and colleagues within our immediate circles, whilst reaching out to embrace and widen our work and our relationship connections. Where on earth can we both find and then squeeze extra time from our working lives in order to plan, seek, fulfil and grab onto the dream roles, or to realistically develop that business idea that has been mulling around in our heads. You know – ‘The one’ that urgently knocks at the conscious mind, just when you are engaged in something that seems tedious and it whispers to you, insisting: ‘you can do it .... just dedicate yourself ...you need to find the time to work on this project ...YOU KNOW that it  is IMPORTANT. .. You know that it’s needed.... you know that you need to do it-NOW! Before it’s too late.”
Time management


Who of us, also succeeds in finding the time to dedicate themselves to enjoy a healthy lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating, and regular meditation and in meeting the need to socialise with our colleagues and with our friends?

Twenty-four hours in one day just never seems to be enough.

Does it?

Time waits for no one and very quickly the day ends, and with it, the opportunity that many of us desire to maximise the most out of each moment is gone. Oftentimes, it seems, within the blink of an eye.

How many of us feel fulfilled as we finally lay our heads to rest on our pillows at the end of the day that we actually completed that days’ ‘to do list’ that we had carefully planned and indeed had set our hearts on embarking with a renewed flourish at the very start of our day.

‘Life happens whilst we are making plans'

I recently listened with empathy to a successful entrepreneur whose business was, as she described it:” successfully thriving".

“l have increased orders. My deliveries are up and my marketing is bringing in rewards but, l am SO tired! l just need some extra hours to lengthen my day!“ She cried in frustration.

Whatever we do, wherever we find ourselves in the developmental processes of our businesses (which for most of us at the outset, initially runs alongside our 9-5) family waits for no one and has to comes first.

time management workplace

If only to remind us that it is time to put down the hardware, end the interactive call and to stop to eat.

Even a quickie – a pasta dish or a stir fry-throwing together whatever is left in the fridge (until someone can find the time to do the shopping) a meal shared with those we love and who love us back can fortify a lagging spirit, enlivening us within that short break, before we resume our course. Just by dedicating ourselves whilst we are spending time in that moment of an interactive catch up (no matter how many minutes of our day we manage to devote to this) can serve to centre us in a space of calm and to remind us why on earth we do it all anyway?

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