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How a Brand Story Can Build Awareness and Help Drive Sales

Importance of a brand story

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by Sarah Salord

Establishing a connection and rapport with customers and potential clients through content marketing has always been one of the fundamental ways to building a loyal customer base, and in the current climate we live in it’s now more important than ever.

One of the most valuable areas of content marketing is brand storytelling, which not only helps to build a trusted relationship with customers but also provides an opportunity for a company’s voice to be developed and heard. It helps to create an emotional connection with the audience.

Importance of a brand story

Sarah Salord, Company Director at GEC PR, has offered some tips to help companies connect with existing and potential customers by creating and developing their own brand story:

Understand the Brand’s Values

  • Sit down with the people in the business and discuss the values that matter to you as a company. What are your business goals and motivations? Who are your target audience? What differentiates your company from your competitors? This should be written into one Brand Statement and then used as the core of all communication.

Develop the Brand’s Personality

  • Share information on who set-up the business and why, as well as photos and information on the people behind the company. This can be written into the brand story and shared on the company’s website highlighting the personal side of the business, helping to connect with readers on a personal level.

Put Pen to Paper

  • In a couple of paragraphs, write a brand story which customers can engage and connect with, and which inspires them to find out more about the company. Be passionate and authentic, highlighting the core values of the company and interesting facts about the business while also relating back to the Brand Statement.

Get Creative

  • With the increasing access to information, it’s no surprise our attention spans are shortening, and a video is a quick and visual way to showcase your brand story to an audience. A video puts a face to the brand name and allows more information to be explained in less time. Engaging videos are also easily shareable and it is a great way to reach more people.

Spread the Word

  • Make sure as many people as possible can read your story. Share this on social media, refer to the brand story in blog posts on your website, ask a PR agency to set-up profile interviews with media publications to create a platform for the brand story to be told. Think about where your target audience get their information from and share the brand story across these channels.

Stories are a powerful way of communicating with people and telling your companies’ own story should be the foundation of any brand’s marketing strategy, especially in these current times. It’s an essential part of any content marketing strategy.

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