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What Makes or Who will be a – Man of the Month

Men supporting women WinTrade Global
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By Joel Stewart

WinTrade Global acknowledges that some men do support businesswomen and entrepreneurs and would like to highlight a few, alongside our Blog. Several are of course members of this amazing ‘inclusive tribe’; some have been past speakers and Masterclass Presenters who could be Wintrade Global’s ‘Man of The Month’. However, you don’t’ have to be a high flying uber achiever to qualify. Here are some of the qualities and attributes we’re looking for – this is not an exhaustive list...

WinTrade Global - Man of the Month Criteria: in their work and support of women:

·       Alive and currently supporting businesswomen and entrepreneurs (and or recent past)

·       Demonstrate Inclusiveness - Equality and Diversity in their work practices, structures, strategies, and opportunities that empower women 

·       Fosters Trust – Through Openness, and Collaborative Working 

·       Proactive - in supporting women’s Health and Wellbeing

·       Future Events and Initiatives - that will benefit women entrepreneurs and celebrate their achievements

Men supporting women WinTrade Global

Of course, the field of work and endeavours is wide open, as are the potential contributions.

It could be something written or spoken, a physical act or deed that supports women generally, but specifically businesswomen and entrepreneurs... Clearly more experienced and established individuals will come to mind, but there are several young men who are already making a mark.  Perhaps worth considering, is what has a particular individual done in the past, or it could be their company - a particular business, it could even be a partnership with a single person, a single woman or several women... 

I’m sure you could think of a few other criteria and considerations – please share with us your top 3, and who would you nominate?                                                                                                                    

Perhaps you agree with H.E. Georg Schmidt (German Ambassador to Thailand), “Trust and openness are the key, regardless of gender”

Or support Cedric Rochefolle, (Technical Manager - Dot Property) exhortation - "I'd invite anyone to help create this environment where women don’t need to make additional efforts to be successful in any field"    

Finally, one area that is gaining ground again, is the role of Mentorship

With more experienced and enlightened men setting examples or becoming role model exemplars for younger men to emulate if not take heed. Particularly in the case of shifting mindsets and attitudes (of boys, teenagers and young men) to women in terms of relationships and many areas of work and cultural life. It would be great to highlight someone in this field too...                                                                                    

*Comment and share with the rest of the WinTrade Global tribe on social media.

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