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Play dirty, women entrepreneurs! Brainwash yourself and manipulate your mindset.

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By Cydnie Thompson

Do you sometimes find yourself knowing exactly what you need to do next to succeed but find yourself doing something completely different? Whether procrastination and/or self-sabotage, you look back later, after the fact and think: why in heaven’s name did I do that (or not do that)?

If yes, you are not alone. And it’s not (entirely) your fault. The real reason is because you are missing one key tool:  manipulation! Counter-intuitive for nice people, I know. But it’s a terrific way to get yourself to do the things you really need to do, become more confident and initiative-taking. Whether you like it or not, society is often trying to manipulate you.  So why not learn the tricks of the trade to do it to yourself. Before you stop reading, let me explain.

Why Manipulation works

The Global marketing industry is worth billions. And it has one primary focus. To brainwash you into buying products and services. And it is often highly effective. So, how about you use some of those tried and tested, scientifically proven techniques to brainwash yourself.

‘Why would this even be necessary’ I hear you ask. Because most of our behavior Is governed on a regular basis by our primal urges. In fact, 95% of all decisions we make are not conscious. The oldest  part of our brain, in evolutionary terms is the basal ganglia, or primal brain (often known as the reptilian brain). It is responsible for the majority of  our actions, without us even knowing. And this part of our brain has some extremely focused objectives!

The four Fs

The primal brain’s main ‘F’ objectives are:

1) Fight  - to survive

2) Flight -  to be safe at all times

3) Food -  To continue to exist

4) My mum might be reading this so I’ll replace the last F with Procreation - To reproduce a  genetic copy of yourself (sex)

women entrepreneurs

So, if you have to do something hard or new for your business and your primal brain feels that this takes you out of your safe place, your comfort zone, it will start sending signals for you to do anything to avoid danger (procrastination). It wants you to make the safest, easiest decision.

This, therefore, becomes a good reason to trick your primal brain into feeling comfortable with the unknown, hard tasks that will progress your business success.

We can utilize some well-known manipulation formulas for marketers trying to get us  to make the decision to buy a product such as:

  • Problem-Agitate-Solution

And one which works particularly well when looking at procrastination:

  • Pain – Identify what your current challenge is
  • Claim – Determine what you could do to solve it
  • Gain – imagine how great your life will be when you have taken action
  • Primal Brain – Communicate your desired outcomes directly to the part of your brain which actually makes the decisions.

Primal Brain Techniques

Primal Brain – Do 5 minutes of breathing exercises, then affirm out loud that you will take the action in the next 5 seconds.  Count from 5 to 1. Then Just Do It (sorry Nike, had to borrow this one).

Research suggests that to form a new habit, you need to do something 18-278 times, averaging around sixty-six. So set some time aside for yourself every day, for a least 66 days to optimize your mindset and brainwash your primal brain. Let us know at WinTrade Global what the results are.

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