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5 Female-Focused Achievements and Learnings From Running a Travel and Lifestyle Consultancy

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By Fiona Anderson
Company Director, www.gecpr.co.uk

Reflections on GEC PR’s Fifth Anniversary 

As GEC PR approaches its fifth anniversary in April, Company Director Fiona Anderson reflects on five female-focused achievements and learnings from running a travel and lifestyle consultancy over the last five years:

1. A key take-away over the last five years has been the ability to pick and choose great clients to work with. 

I am so proud that our client roster includes organisations and brands that explicitly champion women leading in the workplace, as well as those investing in female empowerment through charitable or social projects.

Reflections on GEC PR’s Fifth Anniversary

2. Being a female business entrepreneur is much harder than I expected.

So much to do, in too few hours! Running a business is a real lesson in resilience – particularly throughout a pandemic. Some days you simply have to push through. Thankfully the gruelling days are not everyday occurrences.

3. Relationships are so integral to everything a PR agency does, and indeed most service industry businesses.

I think the strength of these business connections were really tested when non-essential travel ceased throughout the pandemic. Our clients and our media and content creator contacts continued to work with us, even when no-one was allowed on a plane. The pandemic was such a shock for us all that showing our softer empathetic side in the workplace became much more acceptable, allowing many men and women to bring their whole selves to work, often while working from home. I think this time has helped solidify these relationships and make them more authentic.

4. I take my visibility as a business owner very seriously as I feel a responsibility to show the world that Black British women can and do run successful businesses that work with leading global brands.

I prefer to focus on amplifying the work of my clients, but it is just as important to me to be visible in order to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs of colour.

5. I hope that one of my business legacies will be that of inspiring more young women to follow in my footsteps and run their own businesses one day.

For that reason, I take my role as a mentor to business women starting out and students pretty seriously.

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