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Is that all there is for women entrepreneurs?

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Perhaps the sweet taste of victory doesn't last as long as we imagined it would. Particularly after it has been tempered with the stress, pain, loss and sacrifices we have had to make in order to achieve our professional goals.

After all, when you are climbing a mountain, you are looking up and you have a goal. You have a destination to travel towards which keeps you focused, excited and motivated.  Even when stumbling down a few times as we try to navigate juggling a lack of social support, plus bias,  topped with familial obligations, long working hours,  challenging cashflow and demanding clients.

However, you eventually achieve, feel the fresh breeze of accomplishment and taste success. It all feels worth it.  For a while. Then, after you have rested for a while, you start to look down the mountain. You notice how precarious your position is and become nervous.  Or you feel a bit lonelier than you did  when you were at the bottom of the mountain with those you left behind.  And even worse, now you have gotten to this peak, you have forgotten what the original goal was, why it seemed so important and even wonder what your next goal should be and if it makes sense to continue.

In order to stay motivated, we need to be always looking up towards our goal and, at the same time,  enjoying the view from where we are now. On one hand, looking up is the most exhilarating part and whilst, on the other hand, putting one step in front of the other, moving ever closer to your achievement whilst staying conscious on the journey is how you stay motivated.  Can we learn to enjoy each step more and celebrate each movement forward as its own achievement?  And after all that, we must then try our best not to look down and panic about how to maintain the position we are in.

Look around you now. 

Can you recognize that you have achieved some (or all) of the goals you set years, months or weeks ago?  

There was once a time where you dreamed of having some of the things you now have in your life.  And you achieved them! You rose to the challenge, grew with the mission and developed your skills and mindset. And even if you did it all alone, there were some people you shared the journey with that enriched your experience and supported your growth. So don't stop now.  In life, we are either growing or stagnating.  

Take your pick.

This doesn't mean we should only focus on the future and not BE HERE NOW.  But NOW is where we set goals, work towards them and achieve them. Now is also where we should take the time to stop, enjoy the moment, take a deep breath and just be. NOW is the journey: it’s where we enjoy our achievements and reflect on how we have grown.  And now is where we dig deep to decide what we are really here to do.

business growth

Setting goals and executing the plans to achieve them is the equivalent to growing. 

So now, dare to dream the seemingly impossible again! Set yourself new, bigger goals and reach towards them. Keep your eye on the prize, whilst enjoying every step you take right now.  It’s a fine balance but there are no mistakes, no problems. It was Nina Decisa who said, 

“You can always correct a bad decision but you can never change a decision you didn't make.”

 There are only opportunities to reflect, learn, improve, innovate and accept that life is inviting you to be stronger, more focused and more able to seize the day. And sometimes, the bigger the fail, fall, problem or pain, the bigger the growth to be had.

Carpe Diem!

By the way, join our Women Inventors and Investors Talk with on Thursday, April 21st at 19:00 GMT. 

Speakers include Dr. Bola Olabisi, Dr. Gladys West, Dr. Katherine Johnson and Dr. Yvonne Thompson CBE.

The Caribbean Women Inventors & Innovators Network (CaribbWIIN) is a celebratory occasion in recognition of women creating viable new concepts, exceptional creativity innovation, research, development and enterprise.From simple technology, high viability to works by exceptional creative women and highly acclaimed social and economic inventions and innovations, the journey for achieving such success is applauded and acknowledged by these highly acclaimed international awards. CaribbWIIN is a part of the Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GlobalWIIN) which was established in 1998 with an amazing track record.It is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political global organisation with the head office based in London, United Kingdom. GlobalWIIN continues to stage initiatives that have taken place across parts of Europe, Africa, Northern America, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

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