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7 Tips to Improve Your Brand’s Visual Concept on Social Media

visual content on social media channels

Before reading a book, you look at the cover.

Before purchasing a product, you look at the packaging.

Before getting to know a brand, you look at the visual concept.

When you open a particular social media account, the first thing you see and evaluate is the visual aspect. People first look at the design, colours, fonts, images, and only then they learn about your brand and everything behind it. And frequently the visual part alone can create a certain opinion about the brand. You may have the best offer on the market or the most informative content, but without a visual strategy, you stand a chance of missing out on a lot of potential customers.

visual content strategy on social media

Here are some tips to help you improve your visual content if you are at the starting point of your journey or planning to change your visual strategy:

1. Stay on brand

Brand colours are a significant part of a brand’s identity, so try to use them consistently in your designs. This will help your audience to build stronger associations and recognise your brand better. People see a huge amount of information daily, and if they can identify your brand from just an image, you can call it a success.

“Create your own visual style, let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others”

Orson Welles

For inspiration, take a look at social media pages of Milka, Benefit, Veuve Clicquot, Subway, T-Mobile and Heineken. These are great examples of how brand colours can be incorporated into visual concept.

visual concept on social media

2. Create images that convey your brand personality

If you have a fun and youthful brand – show it! Use bright, colourful designs.

Do you have a sophisticated brand? Show it as well! Take a more minimalistic approach with an elegant design.

But always remember to stay on brand!

3. Use the same visual concept across all your social media platforms

And don’t forget to match it with your website. Even though it sounds obvious, companies make this mistake quite often. If the visual concept of your website is different from that of social media, it can easily confuse people and they may not recognize your brand at some point. Make sure all your marketing channels complement each other and look similar in terms of colour palette, fonts and overall design.

4. Provide original content

One of the best ways to grab attention is to use original images. Original content provides an opportunity to present your product/service in the best possible way and showcase it in the way your brand is positioned. Original content is also more ‘valued’ by social media algorithms, so it will get more traffic.

There is an alternative option - use stock images.

But here are a few rules:

  • Use only high-quality content.
  • Try not to choose overused images (they usually appear in the first few pages of search results), as people may have seen those images elsewhere before and are more likely to skip your content.
  • Personalise stock images. You can, for example, incorporate additional elements using your brand colours, logo or text.
  • If you work with influencers, a great way to create content is to ask them to do it for you. However, if your strategy doesn’t involve influencer marketing, ask loyal clients. They will probably be happy to make some photos or videos, especially if you can offer them a discount or some benefits.
creating social media content

5. Use different types of content

Images, videos, infographics, quotes, GIFs, or even memes.

If your strategy includes videos, try to create a nice mix of short and long videos and use it differently across all your social media channels. For example, a 20-minute video posted on YouTube can be repurposed and posted on LinkedIn as a 2-minute version, and on Instagram as a 15-second video.

Visualised data makes it easier for people to perceive information. Infographics are more eye-catching than text, and also create more engagement. Infographics are usually associated with graphs and charts, but you can definitely get more creative.

Memes are a relevantly new type of visual content that has been successfully used by many companies. Humour is known as an antidote to stress and tension, laughter automatically triggers positive physical and mental changes that help to relax your mind. So, a meme posted by your company could potentially make someone feel better. Memes can help to strengthen relationships with your audience. Followers are likely to interact with humorous content if they can relate to the situation that the meme demonstrates. If people share the meme, it will provide an opportunity to increase brand awareness.

Netflix, Disney, Fenty Beauty, BarkBox are a few brands that use memes as part of their marketing strategy.

Memes are not a universal tactic for all brands but adding a pinch of humour can benefit many companies.

6. Size matters

Always know the exact sizing of images for each social media channel to avoid undesirable image cropping. Image sizes may vary for posts, banners and profile images on each platform.

If you are posting the same image on different social media channels, make sure you adjust the size of your pictures for each platform.

When it comes to images with text, be especially careful on Instagram - before posting, make sure that the text does fit within a square frame and looks right in your profile grid.

visual content on social media channels

7. Text is also part of visual content

How you structure your text has a significant impact on whether people will actually read it. Allow some space, try not to use long paragraphs.

If you are thinking about publishing a long-read post, think twice. In the digital era, people sometimes avoid reading long articles. Dividing a long text into several parts will keep readers more focused and make them come back to your page to read the second part if they enjoyed the first one, and vice versa. However, it also depends on the social media platform. People are more likely to read longer articles on LinkedIn and Facebook, while Instagram and Twitter users mostly prefer shorter posts.

And use some emojis to mix it up a little. Emojis can help to convey a mood and highlight the message. The range of emoji is so large that every brand can find a suitable option.

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