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The Importance of Earned Media

importance of earned media
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By Sarah Salord
Company Director at GEC PR

As PR and Marketing specialists, GEC PR helps brands increase their awareness through a marketing
strategy. One of the most important elements of a communication plan is Earned Media, which is
publicity generated organically through channels such as news media coverage, content re-shared
across social media or customer reviews.

In celebration of its 5th Anniversary in April, GEC PR Company Director Sarah Salord has shared five
important reasons why Earned Media is shown to be one of the most effective ways for brands to
build a relationship with their audience.

importance of earned media

1. Earned Media enhances your visibility 

Coverage generated across a variety of media platforms such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and online ensures the brand messaging is reaching a wide audience. These articles can also be re-shared across social media to connect with more potential clients and customers.

2. Earned Media is proven to be the most trusted source of promotional activity 

The journalist or influencer chooses to publish the content by choice, without payment. It is an endorsement of the brand or product by that media channel and therefore the most likely to increase credibility and influence a consumer’s purchasing decision.

3. Earned media is the most cost-effective marketing method 

Earned Media generated through PR has no direct cost, other than PR fees. A PR agency will create an interesting news story about your product or brand in order to ensure it’s published through media outlets or social channels via their media relationships.

4. Earned Media benefits SEO

Natural backlinks generated through Earned Media are becoming increasingly seen as one of the most beneficial ways to improve a website’s ranking on Google. Content shared on relevant, trusted and high-authority web pages that include a link back to the brand’s website is a valuable SEO tool.

5. It’s the gift that keeps on giving

Useful, relevant and engaging lifestyle content can be re-shared or published long after initial distribution maintaining a steady awareness for the brand. Customers are more compelled to share valuable content with families and friends, which also increases the reach.

The media landscape is forever changing, however, one thing that remains consistent, is the importance of Earned Media within any brand marketing strategy and the benefits this brings to increasing brand awareness. A strategic Earned Media campaign managed by a PR agency is a powerful tool to help businesses stand out from the crowd. It also builds trust and credibility with a brand’s audience, helping to create a connection with potential customers.

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