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Man of the Month – Hughie Rose

Hughie Rose Man of the Month
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Many of us think about, wish, and reflect on responding to what they see, hear and feel. Some will speak, write, and share, perhaps articles, posts on social media. Others will be moved emotionally, maybe shed a tear; express sympathy and outrage about what's happening in Ukraine for example. Many will consider opening their homes and offering shelter, and a lot more else. Some will act upon this impulse. Some will give money, donate clothing, food, and other essentials. 

Many will buy and fly the Yellow and Blue Flag of Ukraine. Plus a plethora of other humanitarian initiatives and gestures. Beyond these thoughts and worthy intentions or feelings, is taking action and practical steps, to hopefully achieve tangible outcomes. WinTrade Global’s Man of the Month - Hughie Rose, did just that in March. More about that after a mini bio of Hughie Rose and his brief answers to my questions.

Hughie Rose

Hughie has been a business owner since 1996, selling Life Insurance and other financial products. He ran several Sales Teams within the Gas and Electric Industry before venturing into the Travel and Hospitality industry in 2006. He established his Travel Agency of AGA Tours, which created a niche market for families wanting to trace their heritage back to Africa. 

Hughie describes himself as “... a highly motivated individual with a can-do attitude, plus mentoring young people to be the best they can be with an organisation I co-founded called Manhood Academy Global as a Group Facilitator”. Despite being a busy Managing Director of AGA Tours and a former London Borough Independent Councillor candidate, he still manages to get in a few other active interests and hobbies; Badminton, Tennis, reading, walking, travelling and Music. 

What woman or female has influenced you the most outside of your family?

Hughie chose a man – as he was the person who influenced him the most - Dr. Khalid Muhammad, (1948-2001). He was an African-American Muslim minister and activist who became a prominent figure in the Nation of Islam and later the New Black Panther Party.

How have you, (your group, associates, company) supported Women in terms of equality, profile, and inclusion - past, currently, or near future?

I asked my wife to set up a support group to empower African Women. She named it ‘Sisters Empowerment Circle’, and I support that group past, present and intend to continue in the future. Additionally, I am also a member of The Afrikan Global Congress organisation – I’m a Co-Chair for the UK, and we believe that the Chair should be shared between a Male and a Female, to ensure that there is equality.

How should men (or you) respond to the notion that more women are ‘taking over’ men's roles?

The response should be greeted with hope. It allows women to catch up as they have been discriminated against for many years regarding equal opportunities. 

Who's your favourite female Artist/Performer - musician, storyteller, singer, actor, writer, painter, et cetera?

My favourite female artist is Aretha Franklin,

Storyteller/Author - Maya Angelo, 

and favourite Actor - Cicely Tyson.

What are you currently working on or pursuing?

I am currently working on 4 Group Tours within Africa. Ghana - July, Tanzania - August, Gambia - October, and Ghana - November. Plus, I have been appointed to arrange a 50th Birthday Party in Gambia, for a group of people travelling from the UK. 

What made you go to the Ukraine-Polish border recently?

I was compelled to go to Ukraine after witnessing the racist abuse dished out by the Ukrainian authorities on African students. But what really hurt me, was the pregnant African women being prevented from boarding the train - with other Ukrainian women - because of the colour of her skin. 

Hughie was instrumental in helping to relocate African students – mainly in Germany, which had similar course structures to ones they were studying in Ukraine. We salute you Hughie Rose and the many individuals, groups and organisations whose endeavours help to alleviate the suffering of others, in Ukraine and other war-torn areas. But also, your work as a Mentor and role model - particularly in the case of shifting mindsets and attitudes of boys and young men, towards women in terms of relationships and many areas of work and cultural life.

One more question you would like to be asked – and your answer... What is your ultimate dream and goal? 

My goal is to bring 10,000 Black people to Africa to re-connect with their history and culture.

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By the way, join our book club on Thursday, May 12th at 17:00 GMT. Susie Briscoe, the author of International Best Seller “Colour Your Legacy” & “Ascension to Legacy" will talk about her creation. 

Susie has identified 'Leading Legacy' work as a major part of her passion. This is about filling the gap; working with people who still have an empty feeling inside themselves for whatever reason, and finding a way to give back to the world whilst recognising the importance of not wasting time as the clock continues to tick. Her clients include Chairs of International companies, Olympic athletes, royalty, men and women globally who want to learn and grow their life ideals.

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