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How To Recruit The Best Talent In The Middle Of A Recruitment Crisis

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As businesses try to navigate the post-pandemic world of work, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that there aren’t enough employees to fill the many vacant roles. As such, it will continue to be difficult to attract talented recruits in many sectors – and to keep them.

This recruitment crisis was top of the agenda at two recent events I attended – IWTTF and TTG Fairer Travel Week – where the focus was on this very subject for the travel and hospitality sectors. However, I feel the key takeaways from these events can apply to all organisations, so here are five ways I believe employers can attract the best talent right now:

1. Do you look like a welcoming place to work? How do your optics look? Does your company website show a diversity of people working at your organisation at all levels? Many Gen-Z recruits say this is paramount to them, and will not even consider an interview with an organisation that appears to lack diversity. 

2. Do your company values link to or highlight social purpose? Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability or charitable giving is very attractive to career starters. However, employers should only talk about this if they genuinely are passionate about this to avoid accusations of ‘greenwashing’.

3. Flexible working: Demonstrating you are an agile employer when it comes to where work is carried out is a positive trait when it comes to recruiting employees at all life stages. Flexible working appeals to young employee that may have a side projecting they work on, as well as parents who wish to juggle work around childcare.

4. Commitment to training: Lifelong learning is key to any long-term career, as adapting to industry changes is key to career growth and business survival. Expect training, be that external or on-the job training, to come up at interview stage with the brightest recruits.

workplace with a laptop, notebooks and a plant

5. Wellbeing initiatives: Remuneration alone will not attract or keep the best talent. Many employees across all age brackets are increasingly expecting company initiatives that demonstrate a commitment to employee wellbeing, be it time off for hobbies, mental health days off, gym memberships, or a budget to spend on wellbeing activity.

Working takes up an incredible amount of time and energy, so why shouldn’t employees expect this to be rewarded? The world of work has changed, and those employers who fail to adapt to this new recruitment landscape will really struggle to hire and keep the best talent.

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