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My name is Abiola Giwa, Contributor to the WinTrade Week Blog Posts, and over the next 6 weeks I will be writing a short weekly blog and building a library of posts for those who live in London, but doing business abroad, and for those abroad, I will be giving you tips and research the best articles on doing business in the UK from abroad.

This will assist in getting the best from the forthcoming WinTrade Week 14-18th May 2018.                The first article I found that I would like to talk to you about this is on “Empowerment”.

Written by Sarah Medlicott, the article is called Women in Leadership: Your success is in your Attitude.

When looking at successful women, or women in power it seems that they have  a lot in common, such as the ability to process several streams of information at the same time, demonstrate their leadership quality through foresight and always able to empower, motivate  and inspire their teams through passion, rather than through domination and control.    The article also outlines 7 factors that successful women in leadership practice to ensure lasting success.  They include:

Mental Attitude – Having a positive outlook, and turning your fears into your teachers, your weaknesses into your strengths.

Emotional / Social Intelligence – Having the ability to feel your emotions and communicate them in a healthy way, when needed.

Flexibility – Having the ability to dance with the inevitable changes that business and life bring, while staying connected to your vision.

Leadership Skills – Having effective tools and skills to manage things such as time, energy, money, and communication. Plus, the organizational skills to make it all happen.

Perseverance – Staying the course even through hard times. Having the ability to remain committed and believe in yourself and your business, regardless of the circumstances.

Relationship Building – Giving up doing it all alone. Having the ability to create alliances that will mentor, support and grow your enterprise.

Taking Control of Your Life – Having the willingness to do the personal growth work. Identifying your strengths, weaknesses and being personally responsible for your life.

This is the best explanation I’ve seen recently on how some of the 17% women entrepreneurs are still striving within modern-day gender discrimination.  This article shows women what skills they develop to get through hoops and over hurdles and how to get through that entrepreneurial business maze.

You can read the full article via this link

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