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WinTrade Global is an international businesswomen’s network (and also for the men who support them) based in London, UK. Over 25 years the network, founder by our President, Dr. Yvonne Thompson CBE FCKL FRSA FRA has supported, uplifted and celebrated women in business internationally, providing training, networking and business opportunities to women across the world.

When you become an executive or envoy level member, you automatically get access to a free online shop which, once set up, you may sell your products and services (unless they be deemed illegal, unethical or inappropriate) on our platform to women and men around the world.<br> You will be able to add payment gateways, images, links and descriptions for your products there, as well as a CONTACT THE SELLER function.<br> If you need help to set your shop up, we have an optional service for up to 1, 5 or 10 products, according to your needs. Just use this link…

As a paying member, you will be given your own profile, with access to other people’s profiles as well. You may contact, connect and do business with other members at your own convenience, although we ask you to be respectful at all times. A good tip is to visit our events and connect with other members there, after which you can connect with them on our digital platform. We also encourage you to book appointments to find out more about other members on our platform.

We have a training section which you may use with access according to your membership level. All training is free Executive and envoy level membership, with the exclusion of selected workshops, retreats and events, for which there is a 10-50% discount for members, dependent on the training supplier.

Use the opportunity to provide descriptive content and images, and personally hand-sell your titles to customers and persuade them to purchase from the WinTrade Global platform. Following are the most important pieces of information you can add to your product detail page.

Cover Art: People do judge a book by its cover! We’ve found that showing a picture of your product’s cover on its detail page is its most influential selling point. A Description: It’s important to let people know what your product is about. This is your chance to hook them with a compelling description (this can be from your catalogue, cover, or any other synopsis you may have). Review Excerpts: Readers want to know what others are saying about your product. If the critics are raving, let potential customers know!

Executive and Envoy level members may promote their events in our WinTrade Global Events (subject to approval). This must be done at least 48 hours before the event with the following details provided: 1) Image 2) Date 3) Detailed Description 4) Contact information

You can ensure that your product listing has complete and correct title, description, and subject information and category. This information helps customers easily find items they will want to purchase in our store.

Please write to if you have any questions or need help.