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Dr Pauline

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Known as The Ambassador of Magical Conversations, I founded Corporate Heart Ltd/International in 1999, and as Chief Vision Officer, my mission is to elevate women and men to an authentic harmony leadership style to co-create a more prosperous future where equality is a given, diversity is valued, and natural differences are respected. In this mission, I work with male and female clients across all sectors, and across the world. I have travelled the world, living in the UK, Malaysia and now USA, I'm a Brit Baby Boomer with an adventurous nature, mother, and grandmother. I'm an International Speaker, Author, Image Consultant, Behavioral Expert, Facilitator and Educator and love to design ways for all parties to navigate the emotional pathways to mutual success. Especially at the critical time, I see a shift in the human demands in the workplace. I mentor leaders to be authentic, inspiring healthy, loving, human values so that all parties succeed, and we learn the best language for love and work together in real synergy. To ensure authentic harmony between women and men at this time of uncertainty, I designed Gender Dynamics Intelligence (GDI) 2008, as an easy-to-navigate map of archetypes built on core researched data on biology, male to female, neurology left and right brain, energy feminine to masculine, and physicality, bone structure and posture, straight to curved. Combining these into a full circle of life on which all human beings exist, I am to simplify and revolutionize how individuals understand each other’s core behavior, reactions, and emotions when in communication with different and similar archetypes. Each person’s core nature – and developed personality- impacts the dynamics of every conversation for positive or negative results. In seeking to help individuals understand these dynamics, my focus is for them in the workplace. Whether the leaders or followers, people matter and make a difference to results. Whether in a love relationship or an employee work situation, my vision is for conscious conversations, loving healthy homes and engaged workplace cultures where people thrive rather than just survive for a paycheck. My personal mission is to inspire people to know themselves first and then tune into others in an expansive flow that truly honors the feminine and masculine in us all. To energize this mission, I host Magical Conversations on every topic you can imagine. These conversations seed everyone’s future if they so choose because everyone uses their own knowledge and shares their own life experiences in a space of no judgement, where everyone listens and contributes with equal measure and confidence. In this atmosphere, people learn new ways of communicating with emotional integrity, real synergy, total trust, and mutual respect. Clients are amazed at the shift in everyone’s perspective of collaboration, the abundant creativity produced, and the natural individual energy surge in performance results. New narratives around ‘working together’ emerge naturally and when used consistently in a business setting, these Magical Conversations have proven to maximize outputs, profits and market share. #peopleplanetprosperitypeace #authenticharmony #genderdynamicsintelligence

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