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Carol has been helping women in business gain digital literacy for over 30 years!

Having computerised the company she worked for in 1986, and armed with a degree in Visual Communications, Carol founded her company We Get Digital over 10 years ago. The first thing she did was write a book called ‘Smart Website Planning’. And now, We Get Digital is renowned for helping businesses get their Website and online presence right.

  • 30 years+ … running business sales, marketing and processes on computers.
  • 20 years+ … establishing effective communications online and building websites.
  • 10 years+ … helping others do all of the above!

Carol now owns and runs a website design and SEO company with her husband Mike. She is obsessed with Website Consultancy, having fun and getting staggering results for her clients with ‘We Get Digital’ – www.wegetdigital.co.uk !

Her new project for full launch in 2020 is Women On the Web [WOW] www.womenontheweb.co.uk – a platform which hosts a range of carefully chosen experts who have created a balance of motivational and practical advice in short, sharp, bite-sized tutorials in video format.

WOW wants to help business women understand that digital is do-able. Taking the easiest and simplest tried and tested routes will smooth the way and lessen the pain with a whole team of experts who have been there and got the T-shirt!

Carol is adamant that women should not let a lack of digital knowledge stand in their way of doing business. Women On the Web will help women in business get to grips with doing business in the digital world and overcome any fears and confusion.

What was the first seed of inspiration that led you to set up your first business?

Randomly my first business that I set up was a restaurant in the south of Spain aged 23! We had a house in the south of Spain where I was living. I didn’t know what to do really after leaving school and I was doing random jobs, teaching English, etc. A friend of mine was looking for a venue to open a restaurant and a partner; so I offered me and my house! So that wasn’t so much inspiration as right place, right time. Since then I have mainly worked for myself or been in mainly commission-based jobs and sales. One thing I have learned is that if you can’t sell you shouldn’t run your own business!

What do you think is the biggest challenge of being a woman in business in 2020?

I have to say that I have never found being a woman in business a challenge. I started and ran an overseas property company in 2002 and spent a lot of time in Turkey setting up offices and getting property onto the books.

People would ask me if it was difficult dealing with a male dominated industry in quite a male dominated society. Not at all. I had a job to do, I treated myself with respect and I was treated with nothing but respect in Turkey.

I acted like an equal, so I was treated like an equal. I think that’s the key. People will ‘feel’ your fear or reticence in business if that’s what you feel. Total confidence and self-belief go a long way in business.  

What about your business brings you the most joy?

I absolutely LOVE what I do. Since I was a teenager I was fascinated with corporate design and identity and the psychology behind it. Hence embarking on my degree aged 40 with 3 small little boys and a new baby girl.

It was something that I couldn’t NOT do. Had to do it. I love having a clean slate and freedom to design and create something that really works for our clients and, more importantly, works for their clients.

I have be fortunate to work with some really lovely people, mainly women either starting in business or growing their business. I love going into their business plans and just providing them with a ‘look’ that they fall in love with. Because if you aren’t in love with your brand and website you won’t tell anyone about it! 

Tell us a bit about your experience at WinTRADE 2019

I love the buzz and vibe at WinTRADE. This will be my 3rd year involved in WinTRADE and I am so looking forward to it. The incredible awards and nominations of amazing women who have achieved so much in their lives and businesses is just so inspiring. Attending talks and meetings in different top venues in London is an excellent format.

The learning and networking opportunities are invaluable. I met an amazing lady from Deloitte last year and she is really supporting us with our project to help women with their digital literacy in business: womenontheweb.co.uk – I think any women who is serious about their business growing and learning about business should attend WinTRADE!

How has winning a WinTRADE Award changed your business or personal life

I haven’t actually won an award yet, but I was short-listed last year. Recognition for what you do is fantastic. It feels great and can also open doors. There are a few awards out there but the WinTRADE one is a very prestigious accolade considering the caliber of women nominated.

Any bright ideas for the future?

It’s a level playing field out there. If you want to be a professional, then you must use a professional to help you with your business.

I know I would say this but get your branding and website right! Also, if you are a local business, get that local SEO sorted! Make sure you look the part and are perceived how you want to be perceived. No success was created in a comfort zone and if you are looking to build and grow a business or you are on a mission for something then you need to put your blinkers on and go for it.

Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer when it comes to driving your ideas forward. Oh, and make sure you ‘get digital’ – this is 2020 and you at least need to understand what you need to do digitally even if you are getting someone else to do it. Know what you are procuring!

I’d just like to add how much I love working with the WinTRADE team. An exceptionally dedicated, fun and intelligent team of amazing women. If you are a woman in business you should seriously become part of WinTRADE and grow yourself and your business in a safe and fabulous enviroment.