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THE POWER OF PUBLIC SPEAKING 1-2-1 Coaching with Dr. Yvonne Thompson

Speak more confidently, with more impact to larger audiences.

Learn from the best in this 1-2-1 coaching online programme in 10 x 60 minute sessions with Dr. Yvonne Thompson CBE FKCL FRSA FRA.
Public speaking opens doors, gains you exposure and creates opportunities. But we all know that, without the correct skills, public speaking can leave you feeling exposed, embarrassed and even terrified. You could be a great communicator but a terrible public speaker if you don’t have the insider’s knowledge about how to give a great performance.

Having been a speaker at the United Nations, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Linked In and Facebook, Dr. Thompson CBE has given over 1,000 speaking Engagements and now
shares her secrets with you. Among many firsts she has


From online conferences to in person to audiences of 3000 plus, Dr. Thompson shares with you how to prepare to present with power.  Pump up your Power O Public Speaking.  Turn up ready every time.

7 Must Haves In Your Public Speaking Repertoire

In this course, you will learn how to up-level your public speaking/presentation skills so that they are a real advantage for your business. With high powered training in these 7 core areas, you will be stage-ready to rock your public speaking performance and shine under the spotlight.

From mentoring graduates, 6th formers , speaking at school assemblies to community, government ministers, even advising Prime Ministers, Chancellors, and C-Suite Directors, Dr. Thompson knows exactly what you need to draw on your “super Powers” and give your best every time, as you never know when that “Talk” will count.
Dr. Thompson shares her tips on how to make your “Talk“ count every time in 5 sessions in this 4 hour course.

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