In our run up to this year’s Wintrade Week, we will be looking at the careers of some of the many  talented women involved in the international tech industry. Indeed, pool of talented female technologists has offered up some shining stars over the last decade.  And one who really stands out because she has opened the doors for the next generation of women to get a strong foothold in computer science sectors is Anuradha Gali.

Gali’s supreme competence, progressive attitude, commitment to growth and learning development and  her approachability have all ensured that she has become an authority on women carving out a space for themselves in her sector, where she is currently Engineering leader in Financial Intelligence at Uber.  We are focusing on her this week because she has managed to stay true to herself whilst achieving success in the world of Financial Intelligence. She is truly leading the way for young females who are conquering in business areas traditionally assigned to men.

Photo Source: biz women . Philadelphia Business Journal

We were fascinated by her career ascent spanning over 16 years to date and looked into how she achieved this. Her story begins in Chennai, India. Before her career in the technological industry took off, Anuradha Gali acquired a BA in Electronics and Communication in Chennai and then went on to do an MA in UI (User Interface), Computer Science in Chicago.

Anu’s first job was at Lucent Technologies and she went on to have a 16-year career, working at Sun, Yahoo, Adobe, Shutterfly, Groupon and currently Uber.   At Uber, she is   Engineering lead Financial Intelligence. However, she states that a pivotal career change for her was when she made the shift from IC at Adobe to Engineering Management at Shutterfly.

Someone told Anup a long time ago, always have an exit strategy when you begin a job.  Which ensure that she was always looking out for new opportunities and ways to develop her learning through constant study.   Uber uses ML to guide their business strategy and financial decisions.  Anup states that Uber’s objective is to supercharge decision -making with objective, intelligent and automated financial insights.

Anu’s work focuses on optimizing financial planning cycles through AI. Anup says one should think about what you are going to learning from a job and make sure that you are still learning that.  In an interview with Harris Burg University of science and technology, Anup gave the following answer when asked the question `what is your advice on changing jobs during your career?’ Anup advised “Ask yourself if you are being challenged. Are you uncomfortable?  In other words, are you outside your comfort zone which means you are learning something new?  If that is not the case, you should be looking out for other opportunities.  Define what the skill you next want to learn is and find the right position or company which would give you the chance to learn that.  So, it’s not the company which you should be focusing on.   The focus should be the skill you next want to learn.”

As a woman in technology, Anup found at the start of her career that there was a lack of women mentors in her industry.  Or rather, there were few and they had neither the time or opportunity to mentor: not having had a mentor is one of her regrets. She herself mentors and finds it almost as useful for herself as for her mentees as it offers the opportunity both to think outside the box and consider new perspectives and insight into her industry.

It is exciting to think about where Anup might go next.  Whether you aspire to a similar career in technology or are simply a woman challenging the traditional limits of working in a man’s world, Anuradha Gali is definitely one to watch.

There will be many inspirational women like Gali at Wintrade Week 2019 in London, with speakers from our Patron Baroness Verma of Leicester of the UK’s House of Lords to Nicola Mendelsohn CBE – Head of Facebook UK. To find out more about how you can be part of the Wintrade Convention, click here.