Perfect Pitch Session

Perfect Pitch Session: 09:30 - 14:00:  Time to pitch your business to potential investors, sponsors, Venture Capitalists - or just coaches or mentors.  More information coming soon.

This morning session will give Entrepreneurs the opportunity to make their Perfect Pitch to potential

Venture Capitalists, Investors or Coaches and Mentors to support their business throughout the next year.

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From £175.00

WinTrade Global: Gala Awards

The highlight and culmination of our week is the WinTRADE Awards Gala Dinner!

Join us for this spectacular event and help us celebrate some amazing women  from across he world and their achievements.

Park Plaza Hotel: 18:30 - 01:00

Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7UP

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From £275.00

Setting Up Your Sales Strategy By Ines Woltman

ACCESS THIS EVENT LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS SPEAKER - Ines Woltmann, self-employed for 20 years as a consultant for companies that need interim managers in sales. Focus on customer acquisition, customer loyalty, sales processes, employee development, sales development, new business and   existing customer management. - Also Sales Manager at Vodafone and Debitel. - Global Customer […]

Crypto Confidence


Wintrade Global Talk – with Nina Aouilk

ACCESS THIS EVENT   An activist speaking about honour killings awareness and prevention. The founder of providing welfare and support to the victims of attempted honour killings. Campaigning for change. Amazon number 1 best selling author. Nina is the Global Cultural and Diversity Advocate for Think Network She is a board member of The […]


How To Get Booked as a Public Speaker by Dr. Yvonne Thompson CBE

ACCESS THIS EVENT   During lockdown and now with the hybrid era upon us - more than ever, it is important to take note of the saying "why stand back when you were born to stand out". With everything and everyone now doing business, having meetings, summits, conferences, interviews even have dates online, it is […]


The Power of Networks

ACCESS THIS EVENT LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS SPEAKER Glenna Crooks, Ph.D., co-founder of The CogentSage Group is a strategist and innovator known for organizing chaos and solving complex problems. Her latest book describes a new way to help address work-life balance by optimizing eight different networks that support working adults. Formerly, she was appointed by […]